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There are so many tv shows on itunes, could you recommend something good please?

Asked by tinyfaery (42474points) July 17th, 2008

I prefer scripted shows; no matter the genre, if its good, I’ll watch it. I’m a bit more particular when it comes to reality. I’m not against a good documentary either. I’m asking because I don’t want to pay for something that sucks.

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Dexter fucking rules.

The Wire is awesome too.

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Veronica Mars is brilliant…

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One dude in Veronica Mars is a total wanker.
j/k andrew

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the office. Instant classic

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Yes, but the creator and sometime director of Veromica Mars is a genius! :)

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@dingus108: Can you show the link to where The Office is available on iTunes? I can’t find it.

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well I actually havn’t checked for it… I just saw a picture of it in iTunes one time… Idk, I’ll get back to this post…

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hmmm… I just read online that NBC’s contract with apple expired in December last year… Apparently, NBC wanted full control over pricing and apple didn’t want to allow that, even though they’re the top online entertainment download center in the industry.. NBC is just a big group of silly knuckleheads.. Buy the DVDs and rip the episodes to your computer then convert em to iPhone/iPod format and you’re good to go!

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flight of the conchords is a good HBO show.. You should try that.. Some episodes are even free! (Last time I checked). :-)

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You can watch The Office for free on But you can’t download it.

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Friday Night Lights the best show to hit the airwaves since St. Elsewhere. Season one is available on itunes, and you can watch season two (which is not as good as season one, but still way better than anything else out there), at

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I got my favorite tv ever on my iPhone: Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia. If you are into really dirty humor this show is for you. Plus it takes place in my city.

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Six Feet Under
Big Love

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

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Mad Men is a brilliant show.

I also agree you can’t go wrong with Flight of the Conchords, The Office, and Friday Night Lights. I haven’t checked, but If Gossip Girl is available, check that one out too. Its my guilty pleasure of the summer reruns on CW.


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I love Big Love and Flight of The Concords. I’ve always been interested in Dexter.

Thanks for the recommendations. I’m going to look up all of them. Except of course for Veronica Mars; that show sucks. :)

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I discovered Eddie Izzard’s The Riches on iTunes and it’s been amazing. Highly recommended.

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ummm, house is a pretty damn good show too, but I’m sure you already knew that… ;-P oh, and if burn notice happens to be on there, get that too. If not, you can watch full episodes of it on USA’s web site.

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Sleeper Cell

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DOCTOR WHO is available on iTunes.

That is why iTunes rocks.

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