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How risky is drinking stale water?

Asked by longgone (17104points) May 13th, 2015

A friend of mine took a sip from a glass water bottle today. The bottle had previously been opened, then left outside for a few months.

This led to a discussion on the risks of drinking stale water. Do you have any info, any helpful links?

Bonus question: Does it make a difference if the bottle has been in contact with a human’s lips before?

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It only makes a difference if something is growing in it, which would be evidenced by seeing stuff. “Stale” water is just water that has gone a bit flat because the free oxygen molecules have escaped. But it is still just water.

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Apparently, it’s safe, but may not taste so great.

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Think about it, how old is most of our water?

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Not significantly risky.

Think back to the 1960s when they stockpiled water in the basements of buildings and schools in case the Russians nuked the US and knocked out the water systems. (which never happened!).

ANyway, there were 50-gallon drums of water that were standing in the basements of buildings for years. Closed, yes, but not refrigerated.

No problem.

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If it was in the sun and covered in glass it’s probably perfectly fine. That’s actually a good way to make water safe to drink.

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It depends on where the bottle was, if another person had sipped from it, etc. It is hard to tell.

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Just the thought of drinking water that’s been sitting out, covered or not, creeps me out. Always has. I keep a capped bottle of water on my bedside table and never open it unless I want a drink… and even then I throw out the bottle every few days.

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Wow. This has surprised and relaxed me quite a bit! Thanks!

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