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What do you think some of the effects would be for a boy to discover his mom having sex online?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26811points) May 14th, 2015

With the proliferation of porn and stealthy ways to view it, Web ability cell phones; tablet PCs, Kindles, netbooks, laptops, etc. Kids have access to all sorts of porn and there is no way to deter them. About as far as many sites go is to post a disclaimer stating that if you are not 18 to close the page and click off, yeah right.What if a kid is sneaking a look at porn and sees his mother on an adult Website having ferocious sex with some guy not his father (even if it was very old footage because nothing on the Net ever dies)? What if she was in a threesome, foursome, or had a train on her? How would it be different if he discovered it while alone or had it revealed to him by his peers who found it first? In what way would it change how he views her, even if she did it while she was supposedly young and dumb?

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Depending on the mother’s hotness, an erection.
Then he will start sniffing her underwear, masturbate with it, and wear her clothes.
Because males are all perverts.

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It could be very traumatic, since most people don’t like to think of their parents as sexual beings and get squigged out by the thought of it.

People who post videos of their sex life though don’t seem to be particularly concerned.

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Interesting question.

Every kid is different, and even the same kid is different at age 13 than he is at 15 or 18. So there’s no one answer.

Some kids (with Oedipus complexes) would be thrilled. Others would be disgusted. Some might be traumatized.

I think it’s also dependent on how well the parent and kid communicate.

The bottom line – no matter what – ALL secrets are eventually revealed. It may take a while, but it happens.

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His cock inflates
He Masturbates
His Mother he hates
Now he’s Norman Bates

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@ucme – that is great performance art

each successive line of doggerel is greater in length, somewhat paralleling the size of his erection when viewing his mother.

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@elbanditoroso Just as with each stabbing stroke in the shower scene grows in intensity.

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Well, consider that his mother is an idiot.

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@zenvelo People who post videos of their sex life though don’t seem to be particularly concerned.
I think they were not farsighted enough. They did not have the concept that in digital form it can be preserved indefinitely, it will not fade, get moth-eaten, or lost in the trash as the old skin magazines did. Some, I think, never conceived the thought that people they know would view such content, one does a video where they were having torrid sex with two hung Black guys (taking the fact they were not Black) and think their coworkers would never watch that stuff, neither would people on their bowling team, and certainly not their aunt, cousins, brother, or boss. When the person got drunk and flashed their boobies in a ”Girls Gone Wild” video back when they were in college, they did not think it was going to be a big deal when they became director of the museum.

@Dutchess_III Well, consider that his mother is an idiot.
In what way, doing a porno knowing she was eventually going to have kids, or did it when her kids where babies, or because she did not fathom that her sexapades were going to live on over the Net like stain in the wood?

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If you are old enough to have sex in this day and age, you are old enough to know that anything that is recorded can be made digitally available. So one has to assume that the participants take the risk knowingly.

Come on, when a 17-year old is being boned, do you think she is thinking “suppose in 15 years my non-existent child might see this?”. No way.

I would say that the filmed parent lives with the consequences and makes excuses. That’s what we all do, for different reasons, at different times.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I probably could have made a boat load of money from Playboy magazine. However, in the back of my mind I knew that some day I would have kids and I refused to take the chance of them finding out. I did many things with the kids I hadn’t had yet in the back of min mind.

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@Dutchess_III – now you have me enthralled. Were you really Playboy quality? I’m tempted to ask you to prove it…

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Pics or it did not happen.

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As her agent, you will have to fill out a NDA and pay a boatload of cash, if you want the high-res jpegs you will have to come with a grip big enough to choke a T-Rex or have more money than Bubba Gump Shrimp. The phone-lines are open, operators are ready to take your orders….. ~~

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A little bit of sick just came up

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