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When will my hand fully heal ( Details inside )?

Asked by talljasperman (21913points) May 14th, 2015

Four years ago I punched a brick wall and broke three bones in my hand. Now I’m wondering when can I stop favoring it when lifting heavy weights? It still is weak and feels like it will buckle when carring food from the store. The doctor says that it won’t get any better with time. What can I do ?

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Well, it won’t. Your doctor said it won’t. I wouldn’t let that stop me from exercising it, though.

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Your hand is screwed. I have scars from a fight with a brick wall too. Bricks are just the best fighters.

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The first doc may be correct, but I would absolutely get a second opinion for this, from both an orthopedist and a physical therapist, and possibly also from an occupational therapist. Do you have access to these services under your health plan? I will also ask a doc I know about this and get back to you. Which bones did you break, exactly?

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@wildpotato the pinky and wrist and knuckle in my left hand. The wrist hasn’t healed yet. I was wearing thick winter gloves when I attacked the wall. Edit the wall won.

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There will always be a soft spot there. Exercise it and get one of these when you carry stuff.

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Metacarple pinky. Sorry my auto correct is acting up.

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Get an Xray to see what’s going on. Then go from there to see if there’s a corrective surgery that may help. If it’s still hurting for four years, something’s wrong.

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I fought the wall and the…...wall won.

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