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Do US Army uniforms have a codpiece?

Asked by deepseas72 (1076points) July 17th, 2008

There was an article on this morning about a soldier who thought Baghdad was too quiet and yearned to join his brother in action-packed Afghanistan. The photo pictured the soldier in uniform, sporting what appeared to be a built-in camouflage codpiece. This would make absolute sense in a war zone, but I’m not sure if that is really what I’m seeing.

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The “Interceptor” body armor issued to US personnel includes removable modular elements designed to protect the groin and throat, in addition to the front and back armor panels. Here’s a picture.

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So I’m guessing there are a lot of shin injuries?

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At least the cod is well-protected.

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Maybe – but those guys have just got some big ones to be doing what they do.

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