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Have you broken any social norms on purpose lately?

Asked by rockfan (11975points) May 16th, 2015

Yesterday someone asked me “How are you?” and I told them the truth.

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I do it all the freakin time, when some one says How are you?
I respond over worked ,under paid, not appreciated , and taxed to death, then if I know the person I will add A proud Canadian,

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A guy sneezed recently, and I screamed “STOP IT! YOU LACK DISCIPLINE!”

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Speaking of sneezes, about a month ago, the car was in the repair shop. A woman in an office just off of the garage sneezed while the mechanic and I were going over the final details. I called out to her, You are soo good looking! Without missing a beat, she yelled back, “Thank you!”

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@Pied_Pfeffer I love that Seinfeld quote, I should use it more often

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All the time. Look at my answers here for an example. There’s an atmosphere (or maybe a mindset) in Fluther that I frequently disagree with. It’s hard to characterize, but but it tends to support (broadly speaking) progressive values.

Now a lot of these I agree with, but some (capital punishment, for a recent example. GMO food, for another) I go against the socially acceptable norms in Fluther,

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I just got home from taking photos of people in the street. It feels a little weird to shoot people while they are going about their business but also fun. I’m not sure if it’s breaking a social norm or not. I’m sure some people would feel it is.

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I usually don’t talk to people out in public when they address me, unless it’s important shit. Guess it’s rude but I’m shy and even if I wasn’t, small talk sucks, and is usually bullshit. But it isn’t going to kill anyone if I don’t respond to their greetings or whatever, social norms be damned. I’m a waitress, I talk to people enough as it is, job done, fuck you.

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Someone asked if I had the correct time on me, I replied “Yes I do” & walked right on by.

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Probably. I think I break norms when I don’t even know I’m doing it.

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@ucme You must be as big a treat in real life as you are on Fluther!

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@SQUEEKY2 Get over yourself man, you must be as bitter in real life as…yada, yada, yada :D

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