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Ever wish you had a CB , or a VHF radio so you could talk to truckers?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20194points) May 16th, 2015

While driving down the road, like if there are any cops about, or anything else that would be good to know on your travels?

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I think about how great it would be to have access to their conversations every time I do the 11-hour drive from where from Memphis to central Virginia. It would be nice to know about weather conditions and traffic reports up ahead. Plus, it might be more interesting than listening to the radio broadcasts picked up in that stretch.

Edit: What do y’all talk about?

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Anything and everything at times, certain channels are left open for serious stuff though.

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We used to have one in our previous vehicle and we would have put it into our current car but there just wasn’t enough room. I used to love to turn it on and listen to the truckies chattering on while I drove home. Especially if the traffic was bad. The truckies would usually say what the problem was so I had an idea of what was going on up ahead. I never spoke on it. My husband did but I was too shy. I remember on a couple of occasions someone asking if I had my ears on but there was no way I was going to say anything.

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“Candy Cane callin Rus…”
Nah…too easy.

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I used to in the 70s when CBs were new and fun.

Do truckers even use CB any more? I thought that was pretty much dead. And do truckers really have any interest in talking to car drivers?

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@elbanditoroso well up here in B.C we use VHF radios they have about 10 times the punch the average cb has, my truck doesn’t even have a cb, but my old one did but 90% of the time it wasn’t even on.

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I like truckin
I like truckin
I like truckin & I like to truck
On the road, you must be tough & tireless
On the road, you can listen to the wireless…

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I still remember the endless inane chatter from the days of car CB radios. I didn’t know or care what the lingo was.
As a trucker, you should be tickled that the car drivers finally let you have your truck driver club back. To me it was about as appealing as an Elks Club meeting broadcast over the radio.
No offense to you or truckers, but no.

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Not really.

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I listen on my scanner at times. Meh.

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Not really.

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