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How to get on the Duncan Trussell minecraft server?

Asked by Pazza (3209points) May 17th, 2015

I’ve been playing minecraft for a while on my laptop, and have successfully managed to sep up a server on it, but, I’m struggling getting onto online servers and really wanted to get onto the server.

When I go into the multiplayer window in the minecraft ‘UI’ I put the server name in as above, but get the message:

“can’t resolve host name”

Can anybody help?????.......

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Did you try this:

I’m looking at .

You will need to post your account name on their whitelist page and wait for them to approve you before you can connect.

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@Zaku Not tried yet, but will try as posted. many thanks.
I’ll post back back if successful.
(oh how I wish my life was as simple as minecraft…...)

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