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Any recommendations for the slim PS2?

Asked by Indy318 (1012points) July 17th, 2008 from iPhone

I just got a PS2 from a friend and was wondering if anyone would recommend any games or share some tips for it.

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rockband is a must. also okami, god of war 1&2, ico.

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Ratchet and Clank is fun.

Plus Guitar Hero 1 & 2. The Classics.
Is’nt it sad though when Guitar Hero already has Classics?

But anyway, ya get those, and for the PS2, Rock band does suck pretty bad.
I have it for the 360, and I love it but its not worth it for the Ps2.
GTA San Andreas. good game

And If you want some cheaper games, the Metal Gear Solid series has been good.

So theres some ideas.

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I second my good friend. Nathaniel.

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god of war 1&2, metal gear solid 2 & 3 (3 is better), operation deathslaykill satanic cult 6.

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Ratchet and Clank, and Socom (<greatest shooter ever made). It really would help to know what kinds of games you like.

Also, yes, guitar hero.

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Oh, and the ps2 slim has a built in online modem, and online games are fun (Though you might find a third of your life sucked away by them, as I have). Anyway Socom has an amazing online play, that’s pretty much all I did with it. Very online based; the next installment for the ps3 will be exclusively online.

Online play wasn’t a huge part of the ps2… stuff. But there are definitely titles out there for whatever game type you like.

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monsoon, how do I go online on my ps2?

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I have a slim ps2

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Thanks guys for all your brilliant sugesstions. I am going to the mall today and I will surely look for these games.

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You just have to have a game that’s compatible, and a router. Linksys makes pretty good quality cheap ones, wireless or wired.

Then depending on your setup and preferences, you can get a wireless gaming adapter (There’s also a more expensive one on amazon, I’m not sure of your budget.) to hook your system up over wi-fi. This way can be quite laggy, though, and if you’re new to online gaming you might not understand the magnitute of frustration that your screen being choppy and you trying to shoot someone and them not even knowing you exist can be.

The only way I would recommend wireless is if you have a really stellar wi-fi network already, and your system is either really close (So you get awesome signal), or so far away from your router that running an ethernet cable to it would be impossible.

Leading to option two; a wired ethernet cable. This is the really simple meathod. You still need a router, but not a wireless one, and you just plug you system into it with the ethernet cable. Keep in mind that the shorter the cable is, the better connection you have. You can still suffer lag even with ethernet.

Then it’s a matter of telling your system to recognize your network. I believe the game should give you the chance to do this when you log on. Go to multiplayer, and online. If not, then check around the menu (As in, turn the system on without a game in it, and see if there’s a place there to set up a network.) My ps2 isn’t plugged in since I have a ps3 now, or I would really check it out for you. Let me know how it goes though. I may have it in m to dust it off :)

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@monsoon yea I have a DSL router that is wireless but I’m just going to use a ethernet cable and plug it into my ps2. The router is about 25 ft. away so I need a pretty long cable. Other than that I can now play NBA 2k8 live with my friends. Thanks for the advice.

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yeah that’s what I do, run a 25 foot cable to my system. I had planned on tacking it to my wall permanently, buti ended up just running the cable through kitchen whenever I wanted to play. It’s worked fine for me. Good luck!

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