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Can anyone explain the rapid and wild fluctuations in gasoline prices?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22356points) May 17th, 2015 from iPhone

Or is it just my imagination?

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You mean up 18 cents in Atlanta between Thursday 5:00pm and Saturday morning?

It’s the usual. Big Oil maximizing profits.

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Sure pure and downright GREED, and Governments will never say a damn thing on this because the more the oil companies can screw us, the more they get in taxes.

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I’ve wondered the exact same thing! It seems to have no correlation with the price of a barrel of crude.

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I don’t believe any of the explanations that float around. All I know is gas got up to $4 when Bush was in office and then came back down just over a year before the election, and gas got up to $4 while Obama was President and now the prices came down as the Presidential candidates are about to ramp up their campaigning.

I guess my answer is I think it’s politics and artificial and back room deals.

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You drive, you need petro, they have it, you get rooked and raked over the coals, then people complain and reach into their pockets and pay, because they drive.

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Part of it is that oil has climbed back up to $60 a barrel. And at least in California the refineries went off line for a short time to shift production to summer blend. And while Saudi Arabia is still pumping it out, other Middle East producers have been interrupted by war.

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