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Why does my keyboard's mouse keep dragging things and highlighting them blue on its own?

Asked by jca (36062points) May 17th, 2015

My netbook’s keyboard mouse keeps highlighting things and dragging them, on its own. It doesn’t do it all the time – maybe 50% of the time. It’s very annoying.

I tried googling for a solution, but was brought to all these weird sites with a bunch of speculations.

The netbook is about a year and a half old. I have found that they last about two years and then I tend to have to replace them.

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Something inside has failed. Time for a new mouse.

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I have heard and could be wrong but you might have a virus doing this,update your anti-virus and do a full scan then see.
Also the other poster might be correct as well, try a new mouse and see if that does it as well.

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This is kinda like asking why your car won’t start with no other information.

What brand and model of Netbook? What OS is it running? Did you install anything before it stopped working? DETAILS MOTHERFUCKER.

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@johnpowell hee hee… GA dude!

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@johnpowell: I am pretty low-tech but this is what I got from the details. I hope this answers your question:
Acer V5–131. Intel Celeron, CPU 1007U. 1.50 ghz. Memory 4.00 GB. 64 bit Operating System. Windows 7 Home Premium.

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I haven’t installed anything recently. I am more than willing to un-install anything necessary. I don’t install things, as a rule, as I only use the netbook for internet and email and occasionally watching things on Netflix.

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One more thing – when I said the mouse does it on its own, I meant not independently (like it has a life of its own), I meant when I’m moving the mouse, without highlighting, it highlights and drags. It doesn’t do it if I am not touching the mouse.

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Is it possible your left mouse button is sticky? Do you eat near your keyboard? A piece of food or dirt might have fallen in. You can try vacuuming the keyboard and then using a can of compressed air to spray around the buttons. That might help.
Also you can try tightening the screws on the bottom of the laptop. Sometimes they get loose and the keyboard can act unpredictably.
Good luck.

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This might help.

On advanced settings is content settings see mouse cursor and Click “do not allow any website to disable it” then Click DONE.

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Update from the Update Lady: I took @LuckyGuy‘s suggestion and blew out around the mouse with a can of air, and voila! No more highlighting and dragging. That seems to be the answer. Thanks to @LuckyGuy and to everyone who offered their thoughts and suggestions!

Thanks again.
The Update Lady

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