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Taking bowel prep for colonoscopy - love support as I go through it!

Asked by tan253 (2869points) May 17th, 2015

This isn’t a question but rather a reach out for support.
I’ve started taking the bowel prep after many tears and now just waiting for the laxatives to work.
I have the worst headache but I have been drinking heaps of water!
Drinking water and apple cider vinegar, I also have Gatorade and barley sugars. I’m really freaking out about fainting and pain!!?

Anyone going or gone through it want to chat??

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Nooooooo, don’t panic, I have had two family members with serious problems have it done and they sailed through it. You will spend time on the loo but just keep calm, lie down and keep your mind occupied with other things. You will be telling us soon that everything went well and that it is all over. Just bear with the discomfort for a bit and understand that it won’t last long. Open your window to let fresh air in and just take deep breaths. Really and truly, I am not just trying to reassure you, it is NOT so bad. The two ladies in my family who had it came out smiling.
Pleeeeeeeeeeeease don’t get in a knot over it.
All the best.

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Nothing is happening! I’ve only been to the toilet 4 times! I’ve taken the laxatives – although not all of the second one as I feel so rotten!

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Read this David Barry column about his colonoscopy experience.
You will be able to relate. A journey into my colon
It just might brighten your day. Enjoy!

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Whenever I have to go through something that scares me or hurts or is uncomfortable….I figure out what time the procedure will be over. Then I tell myself in “however many hours” it will be all over. I don’t know it helps me.

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The stuff in my mind as I’m getting ready for medical stuff is almost always worse than the actual experience. My mother is the biggest wuss in the world and she’s had two of these. You’ll get through it just fine. Just try not to think about it too much before hand. (I know, fat chance. :))

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Now that you have taken the laxatives, you are through the worst of it. You made it through the hunger and drinking the vile stuff.

Now your colon will empty and the procedure itself is a breeze (except for the gross photos they do).

Hang in there. Take a snack with you to eat afterward or plan a stop somewhere for food.

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Been there, done that… more than once… and I assure you that while it’s not the funnest experience, you’ll feel a whole lot happier when it’s all, er, behind you. AND relieved. Hang in.

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Well 6am and I’m still going! Liquid green/yellow stuff! I hope that’s what it’s suppose to be.
My mind set was way worse than the actual reality. Now I’m paranoid I will never stop pooping like this!

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Our fraternity’s cook used to make a meatloaf that made everyone crap green for a few days. It went away after a while. RIP Ray. He was a good dude, except for the meatloaf.

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@tan253 I hope this is not too late. Ask the doc to position you so you can watch the monitor.
I asked and mine let me watch. “Oh! Is that my…. Zzzzzzzzz….” And when I woke up -
my wallet was gone and I had a tattoo of Pinocchio on my crotch. i hate it when that happens. ~

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Alternative suggestion. Don’t watch. Just go to sleep and when you wake it’ll be all over.

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@tan253 You could ask for a CD of the procedure. Great holiday viewing potential, or even the family Christmas card.

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By now, I’m sure it’s over. The good news is that you don’t have to do it again for a long time.

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What if the want a retest?

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I took it this morning, ti’s a CT colonography so a virtual one not a up the bum screen one ;)
I was terrified, I didn’t take all my bowel prep as I was so ill but he said it was still really clear, only thing is is that now i have to wait and now i’m worried about bowel perforation.
Apparently I find out results tomorrow but thank you guys so much for your support!!!
I really needed and appreciated it!

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Bowel perforation would be incredibly rare, don’t worry about that. Glad it’s over.

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Yeah thank you Mariah! I do believe it is too and I remembered your reply when I was doing the CT Colonoscopy so thank you! – re : previous post about CT x

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Glad it went okay. The last thing I want is someone up my ass.

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So it was all okay but I have a kidney stone 3mm but I“m ok with that!!!
phew glad that’s over – thank you again everyone!!!!

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I’m glad for you too!!

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