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Which would suck more, being the first base jumper to realize you're not going to make the jump successfully or the second jumper behind the first?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) May 18th, 2015

Two base jumpers just tried a jump with the winged suits from 3500 feet in Yosemite Park, and both crashed into the rocks when they couldn’t maintain enough altitude to make the crevice they were trying to get through. It made me wonder which feels worse? Being the first and realizing you’re toast or being the second jumper and watching your friend crash and knowing what’s coming?

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The worst feeling would be reserved for their families, living with the fact that they died needless/senseless deaths.

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Yeah, very good point.

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Having said that, the second guy went through trauma twice, so I pick him.

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The positive news is that your suffering will be very short-lived.

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It would suck being the one who knew he wasn’t going to Glory when he came up short.

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All 5 Jellies above me make good points.

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@jca I know. ucme’s point really hit me. I like to do some of this kind of stuff (not to this extreme), but I have too many people relying on me to be there. I have to rethink this whole thing.

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Frankly, in the grand scheme of shit, both would suck some serious ass.

@Adirondackwannabe Don’t go off doing some weird, crazy ass shit. I rely on you too.

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The second one because he (or she) just saw what happened to the first.

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@Symbeline Okay, promise you I will behave, and that is my word. I always stand by my word. But god that looks like fun.

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Well, yeah. I’d love to go exploring jungles and caves and stuff. But even if that opportunity was given to me, without knowing anything about how to tread such places, I’d probably skip out. Dun wanna get bitten by no damn death snake or nothing.

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Laughs, yeah, I went out on the porch one night to enjoy the air, fucking bug bit me and almost killed me. But I’m not staying in my house and taking no chances. I love life and living to much. we should go exploring together.

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Dude does this shit with his dog strapped to his back

I know there’s more than that fantasy of, like, “Oh, we’ll fly together.” There’s also “Oh, we could die together.”

And Steph Davis was married to two BASE jumpers. Both of them have died during jumping.

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Yes, a short wait to death, @elbanditoroso, but nowhere short enough for this acrophobe. Since I get nervous enough about stepping off a curb, this is one awful prospect I’ll never have to face.

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I saw on the news the other day, they had a feature about people parasailing and how parasailing operators don’t always use the best safety measures, which has resulted in terrible accidents. They had video of people whose tethers broke and the parasail (with the riders) went off and hit buildings. Imagine the terror and what a nightmare that would be. You’re doing this activity for fun, probably on your vacation. Next thing you’re floating freely and hitting a building. Not quite what you signed up for.

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Then there is this guy who set his own chute on fire!

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