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I've developed severe arthritis and my knees are stiff, but I still love to get out on the water. Does anyone have suggestions for getting in and out of a kayak without ending up in the water?

Asked by Hipster (81points) May 20th, 2015

My stiff knees won’t allow me to lower myself all the way down into my kayak seat, and getting out is impossible without help. Are there any devices that can be transported by car and set up at water’s edge to help me get in and out? Any other solutions?

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This site seems to have a wealth of information on adaptive paddling. If you don’t find the answer to your exact situation, the Q&A person’s page should answer your specific question.

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The simplest and probably the best solution would be to find a paddling buddy that will help you in and out of the boat. Also a buddy will help you transport your kayak. It’s also safer for you to paddle with a buddy. If possible join a paddling club. I’m a member of two paddling clubs (outrigger canoe and dragon boat) and I have no problem at all finding paddling buddies that seem ready to paddle whenever I am.

Good luck!

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Are you equipped to build a prototype? Perhaps you could design one with a hinged portion just forward of the seat which can be latched with a quick released for emergency. With an enlarged opening, you could possibly have a better chance.

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