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You write the sound a dog makes as "arf", etc., what is the word for hot air as in you're full of hot air?

Asked by flo (12974points) May 20th, 2015

“You’re full of hot air” It sounds like a the sound lawn mower makes. Someone told another by telling him “You just almost wrote him (in an email or something) that he’s full of hot air!” What must have been the word?

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@Dutchess_III I’ve heard the sound they are talking about, it sounds like a lawn mower, I don’t know if it has the “f” in there unless very latest are much less annoying loud….

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@Dutchess_III Sorry, your answer could be one of them too. just like there is arf, and there is woof-woof etc.

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Being “full of hot air” means that someone is pompous or bombastic. I don’t think there is a particular sound associated with it.

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A dog goes “wuff” or “wau” or “kläff”

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prommp proomp or prrruuuuuuuuuuuup (be sure to role those rrs.)
At least that is what is sounds like when someone is blowing out hot air out of their butt.

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lawn mower is whirrrrr lol

hot air as in gas is psssssshhhh

shrugs shoulders

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Yay, @janbb! Exactly so.

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