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Can an iPhone overcharge?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) July 17th, 2008 from iPhone

Can an iPhone or iPod overcharge if you leave it charging too long and affect battery life? Is there something about the USB charger that prevents overcharging.

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With my iPod I always would just leave it charging as I didn’t want it to be low on battery when I went out. However after about a year of doing this the battery life had been greatly shortened sadly. It never overcharged and broke, it just had a greatly reduced battery life, I feel sorry for my brother who has it now :( this may be a one off experience however, wonder if the Apple KB has anything in it…mhmm….

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I think it’s ok if you do the trickle charge all the time… however you should probably drain the battery to empty once a month

some good info from apple themselves

Exercise Your Machine

Lithium-ion batteries need to be used for maximum performance. If you don’t use your device often, be sure to complete a charge cycle at least once a month. Click the links below to add regular reminders to your iCal calendar.

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It will only charge the battery until full. After that the battery is a stored power source while you run on AC (and I don’t mean astrochuck)

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You can’t overcharge an iPhone, but Apple can certainly overcharge for the iPhone.. : )

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…and don’t forget AT&T. the charge that keeps on taking.

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As far as I know the older style NiMH batteries could be messed up if not charged correctly. However, the Lithium-ion batteries for the most part cannot be overcharged.

Now, I’m not condoning plugging in your phone for a month or anything on the basis of that advice!

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Thanks everyone. This helped a lot.

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Yes, we have an old iPod mini which is always plugged in, if you take it out it will play about 6 songs then die.

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