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To contact users. Have you ever noticed that onions don't bother your eyes when you cut them?

Asked by stevenb (3831points) May 20th, 2015 from iPhone

I recently had lasic surgery and now it seems like onions just kill my eyes. I have worn contacts since 1991, and haven’t shed a tear while cutting them ever. Until now. Granted, my surgery was the one where they cut a layer off of your eye and it grows back, not the one where they cut a flap. Anyone else ever notice this? Is that normal? I miss my contacts for that reason only.

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What if you wore clear glasses or eye protectors while cutting onions?

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Since switching from contacts to glasses, I haven’t noticed a difference. What does is the type of onion being chopped. Spring onions have no impact, Vidalia onions usually make my eyes water, and brown onions generate terrible stinging and tears no matter what type of corrective lenses are worn.

I saw what you did there with the last ‘topic’. Nice.

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Not a contact user, but you can avoid the watery eyes if you don’t chop into the root of the onion.

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Silence04, I haven’t changed the way I cut, but now they bother me. I’ll try avoiding the root, though.

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@Silence04…. which part of the onion is the “root”?

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Yes, actually, after I had Lasik in 1999 and stopped wearing contacts a lot of things irritated my eyes more than before including cats and pollen and onions.
Totally worth it, though. Only in the past year have I had to correct the vision of one of the eyes with glasses if I really want to see clearly.

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I had lasik…I don’t recall much difference. I wonder why?

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I wear contacts and onions bother my eyes.

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Dutchess III what type of lasik did you do? Flap or cut off?

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Flap. I have a whole batch of VHS tapes out to be converted to DVD. My surgery is among them. I’ll post it when I get the chance!

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