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Would you be able to force yourself to eat more than you normally would?

Asked by Kardamom (31907points) May 21st, 2015

This question is slightly different take on This Question that I asked earlier.

Suppose they came up with a compound that when added to your favorite food, or even added to food that you don’t like, could cause you to have a good amount of weight loss, but the caveat is, that you would have to eat at least twice the amount of this food that you would normally be physically comfortable eating. You would have to stuff yourself until you were past being full, for the compound to have the effect of weight loss. If you simply ate the same amount that you currently enjoy (even if it’s a lot more than you’d care to admit) you would still gain weight.

Once again, this is all hypothetical. I am unaware of any compounds that when added to Cheetos or Chips Ahoy cookies, if eaten in large quantities, will help you to lose weight.

If there was such a compound, would you be able or willing to eat your delicious snack if you had to consume it past the point of being full? Would it be easier to choke down the food, if the compound was added to a food that you already don’t like, kind of like having to choke down nasty tasting medicine?

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The plates are so large at the Indian buffet where we eat infrequently that I fill mine once, and then do not eat anything else that day.

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Weight loss is the last thing I need. But yeah, I can force myself to eat past when I’m actually full. That, combined with regular intense exercise, is the only way I can gain weight.

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@FireMadeFlesh Well, you probably just burn off everything you eat!

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I couldn’t, I think. I don’t monitor how much I eat, I rely on that feeling of being full.

Even if I could, I don’t believe I would do it. I don’t need to lose any weight. While I could afford to lose a few pounds, it’s not a top priority. Far from it. This binge eating sounds horribly unhealthy.

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Just one mint, it’s only waaaaafer thin.

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I can’t any more. I just can’t. When I was younger, I could. But not now.

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Only if I needed to do so for my health. Having to eat past the point of being full all the time sounds awful.

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I could certainly do it long enough to drop the 20 or so pounds that I’m uncomfortable with. Wouldn’t bother me a bit, as I occasionally do it now if my eyes were bigger than my stomach on some delicious item on a buffet. If I know it’s good, and I put it on my plate, I eat it unless I can pass the portion off to someone else. Will waist Won’t waste it.

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To answer my own question, no I wouldn’t/couldn’t do it. Especially with food that I really like, because if I ate too much of it, to the point that I was painfully over-full or made myself sick, I would not want to eat that food again because I would associate it with barfing.

If it was something that already tasted yucky, I might be able to do it, in the same way that I’m able to take yucky tasting medicine when I’m sick.

Sometimes I watch that show called Man vs Food with Adam Richman and even though some of the food looks yummy, I can’t fathom how he can force himself to keep eating even past the point of being in pain. I often wonder if he suffers from either heartburn or constipation.

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@janbb Yes, but that’s only part of it. I also listen to my body. Being a shift worker, the three meals of the day are not something I can stick to. I had my first meal today at 3:30pm, soon after I woke up. So I eat when I’m hungry, until I’m full. If I’m burning a lot, I eat huge volumes. If I’m more sedate for a few days, my appetite drops to very little.

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@FireMadeFlesh I was having some fun with your name but all that makes sense too.

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@janbb I walked into that one, didn’t I. “Burning a lot” haha.

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@FireMadeFlesh Altrhough it should probably be changed to FleshMadeFire in this case.

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