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Do you have a talent that you don't know what to do with?

Asked by Stinley (11525points) May 21st, 2015

I have a talent for making my children’s soft toys talk. I hold them tight enough that I can make their heads move as if they are real. I put on voices and the stuff that I make them say is nothing like what I would say, it is like I channel the toy’s persona. What can I do with this talent? Do you have a talent too? Tell us and make useful suggestions for other’s talents

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I can pick things up with my toes. Is there a career for this?

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@chyna there must be a use at least… Some sort of prison escape where your arms aren’t long enough to reach the keys that have fallen out the guard’s pocket but those prehensile toes are on it??

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My talent, and business, is helping others develop their talents.

For instance, @chyna and @Stinley should collaborate.

A new toy for children, based upon the carnival claw machine. But instead of the claw, kids have to use their toes. @chyna‘s talents are used to create the demonstration videos and instruction manuals. @Stinley‘s talents used to create voice chips for the stuffed animals, which engage when plucking the toy from the bin.

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I can tell you who the voice of any celebrity belongs to in animated/voice over media.

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I have a talent for leading book discussions and teaching literature and I do it. But I have such terrible stage fright each time that I am evaluating whether it’s worth it to continue.

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I’m great at comedic improv and sometimes surprise myself with what pops up out of nowhere in my brain. haha I have a secret desire to try my hand ( mouth ) at stand up comedy but not sure I’d do well under the pressure of performing. I’m best at in the moment, uncontrived unfoldings.

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I make people laugh, something i’ve been able to do since my early schooldays.
I don’t know what to do with this “gift” I may sell it, or donate it to charity.

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I have a talent for creating comics and movie scripts, but it seems that here no one likes this talent.

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I can find fault in anyone, friend or foe. Unfortunately.

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I can do pretty good imitations of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and some of the British actors and actresses on the Netflix TV shows that I watch. I can do Fran Drescher, but my voice is not deep enough to do Alan Rickman. I can do Paul McCartney and George Harrison pretty well, too. People are usually amazed that I can do the male voices.

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I can pick up things with my toes too! I didn’t know that was something special. Can’t everyone do that?

Oh! I can wiggle my pinky toe independently of all the other toes.

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I’m really good at improvisation- both with performing and with putting random objects together to create something new, but opportunities to do this don’t come up often.

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