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What really keeps you trudging through life?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) May 21st, 2015

Is it just family and work responsibilities or something else that keeps your flame from going out?

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For now there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

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One foot in front of the other. haha

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Comfort and take out. Also Fluther.

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I want to see what will happen tomorrow.

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Nature, ponies, and there are a lot of peeps that rely on me. But the flame is a little dim today.

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Being free of debt. I wait for the day when I get paid and actually get to use the check.

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What keeps me trudging? The lightness and joy of another day, the glory of feeling the day’s weather on my face, the laughter of my teen age kids when we joke around, the smile I get on my face from my sweetie’s love, the awe and wonder at the connection and presence of the Cosmos.

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I just love nature and the natural beauty of each day. I also love music. I love books. I keep reading and listening and enjoying the outdoors. Life is a journey, and I love being on it.

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That’s a pretty grim way to put it, I love life & positively bounce through it.

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The reality of the alternative.

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Friends, food, movies, books, travel and my sons – not necessarily in that order.

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Watching the grannd kids grow up.

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It’s much simpler than any of the above. It’s trudge or die.

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I don’t think of it as “trudging”. There never seems to be enough time to do all the fun stuff I want to do.

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Some days are a trudge, some days are a dance!

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@longgone so you’re compelled to “trudge” through decisions?

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Nice answer penguin. So it’s trudge, dance or die.

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The sad reality is that it’s trudge, dance, THEN die.

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@stanleybmanly Actually, some days are a waddle as well.

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I don’t have a choice. ( from having infinite continues.)

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This question is better phrased as “what makes your life worth living?” As such it is worth a great many more “great question” acknowledgements than it has thus far received. The other surprise is that not a single soul has mentioned this place as motivation. Well let me be first in admitting that tormenting the rest of you has become a motive for my ongoing existence.

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@stanleybmanly this place has been mentioned above!

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Sorry. The one advantage to old age is that everything can be blamed on senility. So you see my many and blatant mistakes are not my fault!

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@stanleybmanly Au contraire, your errors few and your wisdom plentiful.

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The short answer: It’s better than the alternative.

The long answer: I want to see what happens next. I want to experience the next big thing. I want to see watch my grandchild grow, and develop into an individual human being. I want to make more music. I want to share my music with anyone who will listen. I want to teach my music to anyone, especially the young, who is interested in expanding their own musical horizons.

I tend to look things through the prism of music. I once posted that I see my life as a Grand Symphony. My final statement in that post was:

I face the possibility that my scherzo may be my finale, although have no reason to believe that, and I’m not planing on it!

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The hope of one day seeing all those who have wronged me and mine smote mightily.

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@Blondesjon . Remember that Gary Larsen cartoon, God looking at his computer screen of a guy walking under a piano being hoisted up to a 3rd, 4th floor apartment with his finger poised over the “smite” button. LMAO!

I’ve always been a life lover but this last couple years or 3, especially the last 2ish, has really taken the wind right out of my sails. From calm seas and blue skies right into the bermuda triangle. haha

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Habit and the fact that nobody has hit the “Off” switch yet.

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I’m always hustling and bustling and I wish I had more free time, but the alternative to the trudge is to curl up in the fetal position and waste away, so I have no choice. I’m lucky in so many ways, and so I do the best with what I have and I appreciate the good things in my life.

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My own desire to do something worthy in my life.

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I’m here I might as well keep going.

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@SQUEEKY2 just noticed! Who is SQUEEKY 1 then?

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@ZEPHYRA my first Fluther account for some reason would never let me log back in.

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And yet he just squeeked back to another!

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The dream of a better future. Over the next few years my life has the potential to change quite dramatically, professionally and personally. If all goes to plan it will be changing for the better and that is what is getting me through these particularly hard times. In the short term, I have a holiday to look forward to later this year.

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Thank goodness, @Yetanotheruser. Each his own.

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