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Can digital radio communications be formatted to know whether a signal went through?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (678points) May 22nd, 2015

Are there any digital radio systems available that would be able to tell the sender of a message that this message was received (without a verbal acknowledgement?)

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Most computers communicate with error-correction protocols that ensure that the signal received actually matches the signal sent. Some protocols (many Instant Messengers) have that feature built0in; when I use Facebook Messenger, I get a little “Seen at…” notification. For radios, it’s technically possible, but unlikely to be implemented.

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No this is not possible with radio broadcast technology alone. It would require that each receiver also be a transmitter with enough power to get all the way back to the radio station. It would also require frequencies allocated for that purpose or something like a cell phone network be used.
A much more likely option would be to use the Internet as a back channel once more dashboards are internet connected.
In the case of Internet streaming radio over IP, they do know when you listen and your IP and what software you use.

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