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Has cryogenics been proven effective yet?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) May 22nd, 2015

Has anyone been brought back to life yet? What about animals? I heard that a frog was brought back to life. Is it a true story? I heard that a rich older lady froze herself and her cat 20 years ago in the United States?

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No, and it never will be. When you’re dead, you’re dead. End of story.

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Water expands when it freezes. That ruptures cells and damages them irreparably, especially the brain. And while we have special “antifreeze” that can somewhat circumvent that issue, the truth is that there will be enough water left that the best you can hope for is a braindead meatsicle.

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I recently talked about cold water drownings on another Q. Children especially have come back from lifelessness after cold water drownings. You have to wonder if the ice cold water has something to do with the survival. I don’t think science has proven anything around it, but it has been observed more than once. “Miracles” have happened even with adults, but young children is what has been repeated many times.

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If it’s cold enough yes, there is a window where a kid can be revived. Once, out at our land, the pond over flowed into the grass. Then it receded, leaving hundreds of tiny baby fish in the grass. We didn’t know how long they’d been there. Overnight, at least. They were partially frozen, but swam away when we released them.

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I’ll let you know when they wake me up.

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A frog? Well some animals can survive being frozen, even without technology.

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Yeah, if you want a big frozen block of ice for a head it fits just right.

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Frozen frog leaves me with more questions than answers.

Suspended animation has a lot more promise, IMO. Imagine the final hour of your mental life lasting 60 decades.

It’s largely the science of @JLeslie‘s cold water drownings.

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I know lobsters also wake up once completely thawed out.

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@ibstubro I’m thinking nano-stasis is where it’s at.

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