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If you're pro-death penalty, what method of death do you advocate, and why?

Asked by ibstubro (18760points) May 22nd, 2015

The electric chair horrifies me.
Firing squad seems reasonable.
Lethal injection seemed reasonable until I saw it was an affordable “cocktail”. We can’t afford to just put them to sleep?

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What do they use on dogs? My vet gave my dog, who was suffering immense pain from bone spurs along the spinal column, an injection. He died peacefully in my arms. I am not sure why we cannot do this to humans. the injection part, not the dying in my arms part I have never received a satisfactory answer as to why this is not an option and why it has to be some glorified cocktail mix of drugs.

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Yeah, I don’t get it. You can die from too much laughing gas, so I don’t get why that isn’t allowable.

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I think the most humane way is probably putting the person out with some ether like drug and then finding a vein to inject lethal drugs.

That is if you (not you the OP personally) care about it being less traumatic. Most people who get the death sentence have done some pretty awful things. What if the people they killed were tortured? Humane death by the state I think is possibly more for the person administering the kill than the person being killed. Although, maybe the people who “flip” the switch have their own psychological problems or need to kill someone?

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Fast. efficient, humane and lethal: let us go back to the Guillotine. Sharpening a dull blade has got to be cheaper than the cocktail mix.

The only downside would be the cleanup and I think that should be handled by the next in line.

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When I got my wisdom teeth out I got a needle and was out in about 30 seconds. It was actually kinda fun drifting out. A pleasant high.

Seems like that and a few bullets should suffice. I wouldn’t have noticed.

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We euthanize our pets every day. They are given a sedative, fall unconscious and then the lethal injection is administered. If a vet can put a horse down in 2 minutes, come on…just do it and be rid of the human monsters.

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Euthanizing a pet is done by a highly trained professional who is doing so under good ethical guidelines of his/her profession. A medical doctor, on the other hand, could not administer such drugs to a person without being in violation of the ethics of his profession. There’s also the fact that many of the manufacturers of the drugs used for lethal injections have forbidden their use in executions (no kidding, they will cease to sell to distributors and pharmacies who sell these drugs to prisons). So what you have is someone who isn’t trained to administer the drugs in the first place, combined with, possibly, whatever unproven drugs the prison can get their hands on.

I am absolutely opposed to the death penalty, but if we are going to have it then the method should be simple, unquestioningly effective and without professional ethical concerns. The firing squad is pretty much perfect for this.

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Lethal injection in my opinion. However, I was watching a documentary about those on death row and the staff in the prisons. One of the executioners who had been there for years and had seen hundreds of executions, was asked this question and to my surprise said that he would choose the electric chair! I did not expect that answer, especially because they had mentioned that in some cases something had gone wrong leaving the prisoner half fried!!

I would rather drift off after an injection.

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@rojo Perfect solution. One added advantage: it would eliminate the risk of lingering death by suffocation present in both lethal injection and hanging.

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Firing squad. Nobody will ever run out of bullets or weapons to fire them with.

As an alternative the method that was used in Russia seems a little more humane.

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Long-drop hanging? Dislocate the spinal cord and kill quickly.

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How about mortar fire, a la North Korea? It’s over quickly, and there’s no chance of a slow painful death like there is with some lethal injections and firing squads.

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Mortars aren’t exactly precision weapons. The idea of trying to execute someone via mortar fire seems absurd (par for the course with Best Korea really) when a simple bullet from a handgun or rifle could do the job with much more ease, precision and simplicity.

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@Darth_Algar Two Australian drug smugglers were recently executed by firing squad in Indonesia. Some reports said there was a designated member of the squad to shoot them in the head if the initial shots didn’t kill them quickly enough. A mortar wouldn’t suffer from those issues. But if it isn’t precise enough, maybe stand the prisoners on top of a kilo of T4?

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That seems even more over-dramatic than my aunt.

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Haha…blowing up prisoners with hardcore explosives, I think you’ve been watching too many action movies @FireMadeFlesh but thanks for the morning laugh.

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