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Now that the great George Carlin has left us, who is best stand-up comic out there?

Asked by AstroChuck (37420points) July 17th, 2008 from iPhone

No more George. Bill Hicks and Mitch Hedberg are also gone.
I guess my favorites that are still around are Chris Rock and Mitch Fatal.

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Lewis Black

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uberbatman and Stocky introduced me to Louis C.K.

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David Cross

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Oh yeah. I loved Mr. Show.

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U can’t replace George carlin but I like howie mandell and chris rock

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Robin Williams

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Chappelle’s stand-ups are some of the funniest I’ve seen

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Mitch Hedberg. No. He really is not dead. Not to me. That’s what youtube is for. To keep dead people alive. Mitch? Mitch?

Ok, if I have to pick Demetri Martin

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Best is a word i avoid but i nominate janeane garofalo.

she seems to go stream of consciousness so she doesn’t have that awkward segue thing. maybe she’s just super smooth but i don’t think she does bits – i think she just talks and the result is witty, condensed, consistent hilarity.

if you get the chance – she’s in la till mid fall and i know she haunts ucb and largo. see her! worth it!

i agree about chappelle, and i dig seinfeld, too. i saw him live 2ish years ago and he doesn’t have the same edge buuut i almost don’t care because he’s so classic.

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I say Dave Chappelle. I like a bit of bite in my comedy.

Mitch Hedberg = Soooo funny!!

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I find Ricky Gervais to be one of the funniest around. Bill Bailey’s quite hilarious too.

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Lewis Black and Ron White are my top two.

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I like Eddie Izzard. Check out Death Star Canteen or Cake or Death.

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Paula Poundstone.

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@Breed…thanks for the links! I have heard of Izzard but had never seen any of his work.

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Those are just LEGO™ versions of his work. You can see his regular standup here.

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@breed Those were hysterical, especially the Death Star Canteen. I want to post a link for my guy. This is my favorite bottled water sketch.

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I think Chris Rock is Hilarious especially when he is doing topical material.

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I’m with JohnPowell, David Cross all the way (the link has a Stephen Colbert bonus!)

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Why it’s AstroChuck , of course!

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Jim Norton’s voice drives me insane. It makes it difficult to listen to Opie and Anthony.

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Hard to say. Some great ones

Jim Norton
Louis CK
Demetri Martin
Robert Schimmel
David Cross

Mitch Hedberg and Bill Hicks were great, but unfortunately they like George Carlin are no longer with us.

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I gotta say I saw Emo Philips a few years ago and he was pretty effen funny.

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@uberbatman, I forgot about Demetri Martin, he is hilarious! Another great who is no longer with us: Dennis Wolfberg.

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I used to love Dane Cook until his most recent stuff… He doesn’t tell jokes anymore.. He just tells these 20min stories with a joke at the end.

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Dane Cook is a no talent joke thieving hack.

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I’m afraid I have to second what uberbatman says. And as the author of the question my opinion is sacrosanct.
And somebody tell Dane Cook to comb his damn hair!

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Seconded David Cross…on this list his style is closest to Carlin’s IMO

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Pablo Francisco does a great movie voice guy bit; Brian Regan is also very Jim Carrey-esqe in his facial expressions.

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i love chris rock and dave chappelle.

don’t know if he’s technically categorized as a comedian, but i like bill maher, too.

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what? que?

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Chip Chiperson rocks!


George Carlin was my favorite comedian too, though he was very dirty with his jokes (lol). I don’t know. I like Billy Crystal a lot, but I don’t see him around much anymore as a stand-up comedian.

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