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Things to do in Pittsburgh?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (674points) May 26th, 2015

My girlfriend and I are visiting Pittsburgh for the 1st weekend in June and we are looking for interesting things to see or do. We really want to get a flavor for the people and the pace.

We are already planning on see Fallingwater (not in Pittsburgh), taking the funicular, Andy Warhol musuem, conflict kitchen and carnegie mellon.

Any suggestions?

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Those are good choices. Go see a Second City comedy show if you can.

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Unfortunately, I do not know Pittsburgh.
My contribution would be to suggest that adding your approximate budget limitations and age would probably help users target better answers.
I envy you. I always get a huge kick out of just walking around an unfamiliar place, and I’d love to see Falling Water. I’ve visited several Frank Lloyd Wright museums and it’s always such a lift.

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We are in our mid thirties and probably don’t want to spend no more then $300 for the weekend (not counting travel & accomodations)

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I’m glad to hear that you chose Pittsburgh over Minneapolis for the weekend getaway.

As for what to do while there, my recommendation is to sit down at a computer with the GF in advance and do some prep work.

* Trip Advisor’s Things to Do List.

* A list of events and festivals that may be going on that weekend.

* Learn about what the city is famous for…here are a few.
* Watch some movies where the stories are based in Pittsburgh, even if they aren’t filmed there.
* Since you plan to go to Falling Water (I’ve been there twice), watch some movies about FLW or even the home. Trust me, the latter won’t spoil the personal experience. There are plenty available on YouTube.

If you want the weekend to be a home run (Pirates pun intended), then plan what to experience together in advance. Then you can customize it by the budget.

Are you driving? Do you have a hotel booked yet?

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Walk through some of the sky bridges at Duquesne University.

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Are you considering a relocation to Pittsburgh? @Jonathan_hodgkins

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It is definitely an option for relocation which is why we are checking it out

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You might want to check this out. Shindig looks likes a ‘locals’ fun spot.

Customizable look at local events.

If you don’t like these places, Pittsburgh might not be for you.

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They’ve revived the water-front area and there are some inexpensive nice hotels there. I recall staying at a Hilton Garden (one of the bargain Hilton chain brands) that was new, nice (very stylish) and provided free parking. Nice staff.
It’d be a good base point and allow you to walk around the area by the river where there are a lot of new restaurants and boutiques.

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3 Rivers Arts Festival
Carnegie Natural History Museum
The Frick House
Pointe Brugge Cafe
Schenley Park
Pitt’s Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning

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