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How many questions are currently in your "Activity for You" and do you make an effort to keep the number down?

Asked by jca (36043points) May 27th, 2015

How many questions are currently in your “Activity for You?” Do you make an effort to keep the number low, either by clicking on “stop following” or by trying to read and eliminate questions from that section?

I had over 500 as of this past weekend. I didn’t want to stop following all, as many were still of interest to me. I just stopped following a bunch, read a bunch, and have 140 at present.

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8. Well, I check them because there is so little action here any more, it’s exciting to even have “Questions for you” lit up .

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77 and I do not bother. I clear them out now and again. Only I know which questions and activities are for me!

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I ignore them. It only takes a few minutes a day to scan through all new questions since my last visit.

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I just deleted a few, think I have 3 or 4 right now. I’m a thrower awayer type, this includes keeping my email inbox and fluther to a minimum. I follow most questions for a couple of days and then give ‘em the axe. Sometimes if I get a new GA I’ll revisit but I like to keep things clutter free. haha

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Three, counting this one. I usually read, answer or delete.

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4 and I do.

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I have 500. I tried getting rid of a few every now and then but it is annoying. I find I can only click on about 5 at a time before the page reloads and goes back to the beginning and I have to scan through them again. I just wish there were check boxes I could check and then delete the ones I don’t want.

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0. My job everyday is to check and clean it.

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6, but I’m going through them now.

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0. I like reading the questions and answers more than I like writing them it seems. Well someone has to I suppose. It’s not all about me me me on here….

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I try to keep it down, even though I can’t get it up.

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17, and yes, I try to keep the number down.
I hardly ever whittle it down to zero. It’s kind of a superstition for me. Like if I have none, I’ll never get any more.

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None, I check and answer or remove most days so I keep all “activity for you” down to zero.

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Sixteen thousand eight hundred & forty seven.

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17, and as I do every couple of days, I’m going to clear it out.

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