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Does anyone know any good opening music from fantasy movie scores that sounds mysterious?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) May 27th, 2015

Need it for something.

Examples are things like the opening prologue to Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by Howard Shore, the prologue to Beauty and the Beast by Alan Menken and even the prologue to The Black Cauldron soundtrack by Elmer Bernstein. Doesn’t matter the length, as long as it sounds cool and mysterious, like someone could be narrating over it (usually someone is anyway, at least in the three examples I used).

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Some of the tracks from “The Secret of Kells” are nicely mysterious, in an old Celtic kind of way.

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How about Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain” that was used in a segment of Fantasia? Very eery and scary.

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^Oh, haha, I already know about that one and am using it too.

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It’s a horror movie, not fantasy, but I think John Carpenter’s prologue to “The Thing” is worth a listen.

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@janbb, I was a very wee pachyderm at the time, yet I still remember clearly how much that segment in “Fantasia” scared me. Equally so, the scene in which we see the many hundreds-year old High Lama in the original “Lost Horizons.”

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@Pachy Yup; me too.

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The themes by master of mysterious Bernard Hermann from Vertigo or The Ghost and Mrs. Muir definitely qualify.

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I can’t get videos to work on my computer, so forgive me for not listening to the songs you put in your description. But, the song Farewell Hyrule King (hope it’s the version I’m thinking of) from The Legend of Zelda sounds pretty mysterious, or even better: ominous, up until the climactic part. There’s a pretty sick piano version of it you may want to look into as well that’s also a blast to play. Just put “Farewell Hyrule King piano” into the search bar.

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Moulin Rouge used Nature Boy to great effect.

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Cornfield chase?
Couldn’t think of any when I saw this question for the first time but today I heard this and I think it would fit?

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@wsxwh111 From North By Northwest?

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From Interstellar by Hans Zimmer

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