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Have you ever had puppies? If so, how many?

Asked by wsxwh111 (2464points) May 27th, 2015

I’ve had one cutest for 8 years before it died. Not want another one for now due to the high maintainance and the sorrow when it’s gone.

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I thought I was having puppies once, but it was just piles.

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Me, no.
But I had a dog that a litter of puppies once. I had to give one of them CPR.

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In my care-free, foolish younger days I sometimes littered, but no way now that I’m….you know….relatively mature…..

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@wsxwh111 I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a dog is like losing a family member. I felt as you did when I lost a dog that I had had since it was a puppy at the age of 15, but then three months after he died, chance landed us with another puppy. He was the best thing for my grief. He did not replace my other dog, but he gave me something else to love and be loved by which was very healing.

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Edited for “didn’t read the op details” content.

Sorry for your loss.

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@marinelife @Blondesjon Thank you for caring :)

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The “how many” part of the question, given the details, is perplexing.

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3 at different times of my life. They truly are family members. Sorry about your dog friend.

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