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After ulcer bleed does twelve months of iron sound like too much?

Asked by Aster (19949points) May 27th, 2015

My GP said for me to take iron three times a day for twelve months after I mostly regained my strength after a serious ulcer bleed and three days in the hospital. Do I need a second opinion?

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“Do I need a second opinion?” What you need is reassurance. Remember how long or how often is not the same as how much. Ask your doctor for specifics on dosage, then seek opinions if concerned.

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His specifics on dosage were to take three, 65mg pills per day for twelve months. And thanks for replying.

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Just remember that iron has a tendency to cause constipation. So, uh, be prepared.

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@elbanditoroso I’ve got that covered. Been taking this for two months + .

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Depending on diet restrictions, an iron supplement is certainly in order. If you don’t like the tablet form with the stool softener, you can try a veggie/fruit based liquid, like the one I always recommend. But follow your doctor’s advice. He is basing the need on your blood tests. Healing your gut and diet restrictions can often leave patients anemic and it is easy to remedy by taking extra iron.

@elbanditoroso most iron tablets now have a stool softener built in now.

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@cazzie I don’t mind the iron pills. I was just concerned that three per day for a year would be over kill. I was anemic and hospitalized but, when I went to see my GP when I could go out again, I was not anemic . That’s when he said to get the iron pills.

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Get a blood test. You shouldn’t guess. If you never had iron troubles before and you haven’t been bleeding for months your iron levels should be restored.

I take 1–2 pills a day, but I am anemic if I don’t take any iron. I take that to barely stay in the normal range. When I am anemic that dose moves me into normal within two months as ling as I have not been bleeding a lot (I often bleed with bowel movements). What I take doesn’t really matter though, you just need to know what you need. It’s a cheap, fast, blood test. My GYN did iron levels with a finger blood sample at my yearly. I get a cbc done by my endocrinologist.

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