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What are the steps to becoming a career advisor ?

Asked by talljasperman (21863points) May 28th, 2015

In Alberta. From high school on.

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I don’t know, but that seems like the perfect job for you.

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I could do some research for you, but that seems counter-productive.~

How about taking a look at the available jobs in your area of interest on the internet and hone in on the requirements? That should provide a foundation.

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If you’re specifying from High School on then I would assume that you would need, at the very least, the equivalent education as a High School Guidance counselor since this is a good portion of what their job entails in guiding students through their post graduate plans whether for college or vocational training.

Therefore, a Bachelors degree in Education would be a start with plans on going on to a Masters degree in either education or Counseling or Psychology.

If you want to get hired by a college or company that provides career counseling you must have more than just the ability to research job fields.

I suppose you could start your own company but I would assume that any potential paying clients are going to ask fairly rigorous questions about your background, education and qualifications so any old line of BS won’t really suffice.

So, start with the BA first and worry about further specifics once you’ve got that accomplished.

Personally, I know that if I were ever in need of career counseling, I’d want some assurance that the person offering that advice had the education and training to make his/her recommendations valuable to me. Otherwise, I could just stop any random person on the street and ask their advice.

If you’re offering a service to people, it’s up to you to convince them as to why they should be seeking out your guidance or advice.

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@talljasperman I’m not even sure what a “career advisor” is. Would that be a guidance counselor in a school (high school or above) as @Buttonstc says, or would it be someone who is a “headhunter” looking for people to fill certain positions in a company? Or something else?

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Ask a career advisor.

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