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What are your favorite dishes and recipes using tomatoes?

Asked by Kardamom (31432points) May 31st, 2015

I saw some lovely tomatoes in the store today, but I didn’t buy any because we already had quite a few in the house already.

I made some lasagna today using some very tasty marinara sauce and was thinking that it might be fun to make some homemade sauce.

Do you guys have any favorite tomato (sauce or otherwise) recipes? Maybe some soup, salsa, or even a tart would be nice.

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You know, a caprese salad is delicious. So if you can find some beautiful tomatoes why not just team them with a lovely mozzarella and some basil. Other than that you could stuff them or make your own tomato sauce (ketchup) or a marinara sauce that you can use in a whole host of dishes later.

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I already dished on them in your summertime vegie thread..

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Herbed Potato Salad with Green Beans & Tomatoes

A family summer favorite is grilled open-faced bagel, tomato and pesto sandwiches topped with a slice of muenster cheese.

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My favorite Is Balsamic Bruschetta. My husband makes it and it’s delicious. His recipe is about the same as the one in the link, only he uses the mixed 4 cheeses instead of parmesean cheese and garlic powder, a little bit of pepper and italian seasoning. . He puts the cheese last on it when it is half done. He also minces the tomatoes smaller and drains the tomatoes a bit. Soooo, good. My favorite snack anytime of the year.

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Ibstubro’s Summer Tomatoes:
Rinse 2, 4¼”, tomatoes in rain water hand gathered during a waxing crescent moon
Roast over a wood fired hibache grill until skin loosens.
Place on a well seasoned cutting board, then peel and core83090052583-sku577668-adTypePLA-devicec-adid^45527541703.
Slice 5–7/8” thick
Season lightly with salt

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If I can get really good tomatoes, I like to just slice them and serve them with a vinaigrette dressing which has chopped fresh basil in it.

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Macaroni and tomatoes. Cook the mac until tender, add some butter and diced tomatoes, salt and pepper to taste.

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Stewed tomatoes in pasta noodles, with cheddar cheese.

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I like my tomatoes fresh in salads, tomatoe sandwiches, marinated with various dressings and stuffed with shrimp & tuna salad.

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Mmmm, Grilled tomato sandwich with Swiss cheese, on French!

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@ibstubro Ha ha ha ha! Don’t forget to swirl the mayonnaise in a counter clockwise direction while sipping a glass of iced tea that is exactly 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

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@Dutchess_III Speaking of Swiss cheese I just read an article the other day about why swiss cheese is losing it’s holes. haha
They used to think it was bacteria that made the holes but turns out is is microscopic bits of hay and since processing is not involving as much old fashioned milking in barns full of hay, the holes in swiss cheese are decreasing.

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@Coloma But the holes in Swiss cheese are what give it its charm. I don’t want to lose the holes.

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@Kardamom I know…guess they need to start adding microscopic hay particles again.

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Loose the holes. They ruin the waterproofing effect of the cheese.
All these tomatoes are gonna sog the bread through those charming holes.

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B L T with mayo and a dill pickle.

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