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If you got knocked on the head, what questions would you ask?

Asked by Kardamom (31427points) May 31st, 2015

This Q is based on my Other Question from yesterday, only this time, I’m referring to you guys, instead of me.

If you got knocked on the head, temporarily rendering you into an altered state, what kinds of questions do you think you would ask on Fluther, that might seem somewhat out of character to the rest of us, but might come from a secret or dark place deep within your psyche?

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Fluther ones.

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You don’t want me to go here. I’m wild tonight.

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@Dutchess_III Did you get knocked on the head?

@Adirondackwannabe Rowwwrrrrr!

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@Kardamom You want me to go with it?

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Am I the only one who can travel both forward and back in time? I asked this in general three years ago and it got pulled.

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I have been knocked in the head. @Dutchess_III has seen the photos of just one of those times.

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@Adirondackwannabe Give it a whirl.

@talljasperman This isn’t about time travel, it’s about having your brain temporarily scrambled.

@jerv How did you get knocked in the head? Did you actually say anything weird when you were in that condition?

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@Kardamom it’s what I would ask if I had a concussion.

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@Kardamom I can’t. You’ve always been so classy with me. God, I’m such a wuss.

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Which time? The time I flipped into the median and landed on my roof? Or when I drove under the rear end of an SUV that spun out in front of me? Or the time the jarheads closed the hatch between the 3rd and 4th decks for General Quarters and I hit the bottom of it at a full run? Or one of the other times that I haven’t mentioned?

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I don’t know how to work in the second part (about a deep dark secret place in my psyche because I don’t have any that would come true no matter what my alter state was) but in an alter state, I may ask why are republicans hated so much for following their beliefs.
But I mean, I would also have to suffer from amnesia to not even know that answer.

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Where’s my mom?! Her name is Karda.

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@Adirondackwannabe OK, start with this. Howzabout you just got your knee bonked instead of your head : )

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Okay, bonk me on the knee and I’ll see where I can take it from there.

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Embrace the witness of jehovah, allow them to feast on your pubes?

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