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What's better, the cake or the frosting?

Asked by tinyfaery (42590points) July 17th, 2008

I came into work today and there was cake for a co-workers birthday. I tried one bite and the frosting sucked, so I didn’t finish the cake. Then I realized, I couldn’t care less about the cake; I want yummy frosting—especially butter cream and cream cheese frosting. Do you like cake or frosting, or both? What’s your fave?

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Depends on the cake and icing in question but I generally prefer the cake part. I find most icing too sweet/rich for my likings.

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Both. They have to complement each other well. I’m not a huge fan of cakes which crumble too much with ‘lumps’ in, I like smooth, spongy stuff, but then again I don’t like cream, unless it’s that sweet stuff mhmm…my nana made me the perfect cake for getting good GCSE results, it was scrummy, it was a nice textured cake and had that butter cream (I think, sweet thickish cream) and lemon curd YOMP.

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Frosting for sure. Frosting.. not icing. I know they are interchangeable, but I consider icing to be the more whipped one which, to me, just tastes too light and airy. I like the thicker, creamier kind.

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Yep, I gotta have both too. It’s a package deal for me.

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For me, I am finding myself more and more picky about cake as time passes. I now really only want cake and frosting that do not have unnatural ingredients in them. That means either homemade or organic/vegan.

I shared an delicious blueberry cake with lemon frosting with a friend at lunch. It was perfectly balanced and not too sweet. From a local spot called Dandelion Tea.

I also love the cupcakes from Whole Foods.

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I lurve the frosting. (See what I did there?)

Cake without frosting is like shoes without feet. Ok I don’t know what I’m talking about.
Don’t mind me.

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I’m a pie man, personally. A home-baked tart cherry pie with a flaky, buttery crust. Mmmmmm.

Cake puts me to sleep.

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@PnT As in sugar overload or boredom?

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I prefer the cake to the frosting – the older I get I hate the cloying sweetness of frosting.

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@Marina: I think it’s a combo of the mind-blowing amounts of sugar and the white flour. Pancakes do the same thing to me, go figure.

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PnT sometimes pie won’t work. Ha ha!!

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Damn you Allie. That link to the frosting made me salivate. Now I must have frosting. Ahhhh!!!

@PnT I’d take a lemon tart/lemon meringue pie over frosting anyday. Well, maybe not today.

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Mmmm, Ice cream cake. The best of both worlds.

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Cold Stone!! Now I want ice cream, ha ha!! Founder’s favorite is my favorite too.

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It’s all about the cake for me. I often remove or don’t eat the frosting/icing part. But the cake must be soft and good quality mmmm.

DQ Ice cream cakes are amazing

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tinyfaery: Haha, so sorry, so sorry.
PnL: You eat the cake, I’ll eat the frosting (not the icing).

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Allie – we have a deal (in addition to you always get the honey, and i always get the chocolate)

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Pnl: The honey/chocolate pact has already been set in stone. What happens in the case of chocolate frosting? (See above pictorial.)

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frosting is all yours. :)

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Frick yes. Thanks.

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I’m a cake guy. No, not that one.

If the cake sucks I won’t eat it. If the frosting is the best ever, I’ll eat it along with the cake. But generally, I prefer frosting-less bundt-style cakes.

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@robmandu Louisiana Crunch Cake. Yum.

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Both! The cake should be moist and the frosting depends on the mood I’m in-I especially love buttercream frosting but also like whip cream frosting if I’m not looking for an overly sweet dessert.

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a cake is like a loved one, the frosting is there just to make it look good, attractive to you, what really counts is what you find inside that frosting :) the cake is everything to me :)

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i love both, but the frosting is important for me ^.^ specially at cupcakes x3

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I could care less about all that icky frosting and icing, Whenever I see a cake, with all that plastic looking stuff wrapped all over the ‘cake’ it makes me cringe, not to mention all the calories and bad sugar rush you could get eating it. My daughter and I usually take off all the icing, and will only ask for an “inside’ piece of cake, it has less frosting/icing. I make cupcakes with nothing on it, it takes great fresh out of the oven. People say ‘oh, the icing is the best part’, I would have to disagree,

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Both are important in my opinion—They have to taste good! Thanks for the blueberry idea… I just made my first strawberry cake (and it´s homemade with natural ingredients except for the baking soda of course, I don´t know what category baking soda and powder fall into) with strawberry puree that was good so I might have luck with a blueberry cake too! yum. I think you can say the icing is the best part only when the cake is good. If the cake isn´t minimally good, then no matter how much you like the icing, you probably won´t have as much fun eating it because you´ll be thinking about how dry or how awful the cake was.
Dwerthmu, you´re talking about fondant, though, aren´t you when you say “plastic looking stuff” what do you think about cream cheese frosting or buttercream icing or seven-minute icing?

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Notice I´m a black cat too but my name isn´t asimpletest

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Depends on if the cake is sufficiently moist. If not, then the frosting.

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