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What to do with an old Laptop HD?

Asked by mirza (5042points) July 16th, 2007

I am thinking of throwing away my old Toshiba laptop whose battery has been dead for a while. But the laptop has a fully-functional 80 gb hard drive which i could really use. SO is there a way to use this hard drive as an external hard drive with my current laptop?

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Start watching at 2:30.

Hope this helps...

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Agree with MarkHeftler, a drive enclosure could be a good solution for your other question.

I have this one and have had no problems. It's bus powered so you don't need an external power supply.

OWC has USB-only enclosures that only cost around $25.

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Yeah. External enclosure that doesn't need extra power is the way to go. And that clear one is pretty awesome!

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What they said. I just salvaged a drive from my piece of crap desktop PC.

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