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When camping how much civilization or technology should one have access to before it is no longer camping?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) June 1st, 2015

Before camping turns into something that is camping like, how much technology or civilization does one have to have with them at their disposal or access too? For instance, if you are still within cell range so you can surf the Web is that still camping? How about if you are so close to civilization that you can walk or take a short drive to a store, market, Walmart, etc. are you still camping? If you are pulling a trailer or in an RV and just hop from park to park, even though you light a campfire, is that still camping? Basically how self-sustaining do you or don’t you need to be to be truly camping?

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I swear I was at a campground once where a pizza was delivered to one of the campsites.

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I’ve camped where we’ve packed everything in and everything (except urine) out, and I’ve camped in areas where there was a building with flush toilets and hot showers, and I’ve camped in the back yard with access to all the amenities of a house.
I think it stops being “camping” when you have an actual door.

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It is only camping if all you have is a knife.

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If something carries you to the campsite instead of you carrying it, it is no longer camping.

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A lighter or bbq lighter or matches to light a fire. Fire will be essential so if you don’t know how to start one with rocks, it is forgiven to have said technology.

A cell for emergencies, provided you are within range. First aid kits, too. I mean, we’re here to camp and have fun, this ain’t no damn Indian ritual which puts hair on your nutsack.

A vehicle, to get there and back. And by vehicle, I mean something you can’t spend your whole camping trip in.

I laugh at fools with campers and internet access. Spineless worms. And yea, a knife too, one you took from some masked fuck that was trying to kill you.

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@Symbeline You are fucking awesome. I thought of a tent, a lighter, a knife, a fishing rod, and a frying pan, but that’s optional. If you have to pull it with a truck that’s not camping. Oh and some worms for bait.

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No tech. Thats the whole point.

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Cell phone and GPS would be what I call limit. Those are safety oriented technology. After that would be just fluff.

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A knife, matches, cooking pan, plate and utensils. Nothing electrical.

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