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How early in the morning is too early for casual telephone calls?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) June 1st, 2015

Personally, I appreciate you not calling before 9 am, and I’ll not call you before then.

Calls before 8 am tick me off.

Calls before 7 am alarm me!

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9 is my time too.

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I have a weird schedule so I prefer after 9 but people start work here at 8am. Someone called my work phone a7 7.50 yesterday, which transferred to my mobile and I answered it from my bed. They said they actually wanted to speak to one of my staff :-| It was too early for that.

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During school year, if I learn in the morning, 6 is my time.

Otherwise, nobody calls me before 8!

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Depends on the reason for the call.

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Everyone that would call me for a casual convo knows that before noon is a no-no.
On the flip side any call up until 10PM is fine with me. And if it is a really close friend, I’d say up until 12AM is fine.

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Yes, it depends on the reason for the call as the apparently grumpy one says. If it is extremely serious then any time even though when I hear phones in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn, a mini heart attack occurs. If it is anything other than health or serious work issues, then after 8.30–9.00 am is a civilized hour.

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9 AM except in the case of my sister on weekends: for her, it’s 11 AM.

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Wasn’t the question about casual telephone calls? I’m thinking that’s the reason the person would be calling.

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I spent much of my life working nights, so I have a somewhat nocturnal schedule. So anything before noon is going to piss me off.

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I asked a similar q once. “What is the earliest in the day and latest in the day you will call someone.” Gotta run. Will search for it later unless someone else wants to.

For me, it depends on how well I know the person’s habits. If I know the person doesn’t wake up till 11, I don’t call them until noon. I know the moms of my daughter’s friends are up early, so maybe 9 or 10. With text and pm, that takes care of this dilemma because I can just send a text or pm on FB and they respond when they can.

Dog owners are also up early, because the dogs need to go out. Dog owners and moms are up early LOL.

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For me, when I haven’t woken up yet.

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Please don’t call between 6AM and 5:59AM.
Just eMail me.

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^ Unless you’re a friend or family, I too would prefer people to email me.

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Thanks, @anniereborn. I was wondering how “casual” came in degrees.

I’m terrible with email, and don’t even bother texting.

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