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Why would my ear canal hurt?

Asked by Heather13 (495points) June 1st, 2015

I have been sick for a week now.
It started out feeling like sore throat the first
Couple days. Then I felt nauseated, congested
And had a slight fever. By the fourth day, after seeing
My doctor and getting Rx for congestion and some antibiotics (amoxicilin), I had some very thick and very yellow mucus coming up from sinuses down the back of my throat and up into my mouth. Then deep in my ear canal startes to hurt when I cough and just swallow saliva.

Its worse at night. By now I have lost my voice.
I am coughing more and a lot more of this thick and very yellow mucus, which is raw and tangy-sweet (not trying to be gross) is coming up. The pain from deep in both ear canal to my throat is very strong when I swallow or cough. Now my eyes are shiney and red. No itching. No pain. Just flush red.  I dont have allegy issues. Its day 7.

Feeling like more than just a virus, etc. HELP!

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It could be a secondary ear infection. It is time to see your doctor.

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Obviously, your antibiotics aren’t working. You need something else. Call or go back to the doctor.

Was it straight Amoxicillin or Amoxicillin Clauvanate? Have you been taking it well?

Also, antibiotics don’t treat viruses. The doctor already assumed you have a bacterial infection.

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You’ve got something going on and you need to contact your doctor now. Those symptoms are not good. Day 7 and antibiotics aren’t touching it says get attention now.

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I followed your route, and finally gave up on the medical doctor when he suggested yet another (3rd) round of increasingly stronger antibiotics. I went to the best naturopath in town and got better rather quickly.

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Nothing like this

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Swimmer’s ear. A mild infection. Keep water out of your ears until it clears up.

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