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Is your furry friend fanatical about music?

Asked by Pachy (18592points) June 3rd, 2015

A few years ago I discovered that my cat likes to sleep near a radio playing classical music. According to, this isn’t uncommon. How about your dog or cat?

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I had two dogs that were inseparable. One died of a stroke. We left the radio on for the other one when we went to work. She was always next to it, even though it was obvious she was failing.She went a little while later, but I think it made it easier on her.

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Pets have differing personalities as do humans. I had one cat which liked heavy metal a lot. My mother had a finch which was very happy with Scottish harps. She loved the marchy sounding tune, and had a special hoppy dance she did when that one came on. I had a friend who raised a parrot from when it was a baby. It loved and “Hummed” the Smurf theme song. We had a family dog when I was a teen which, when disco music came on, he would take a stance in front of me. If I started dancing, he would join in.

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Not that I’ve noticed. I’ve not noticed them pay any attention to music.

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My 17 year old goose “Marwyn” loves for me to sing to him and we have several special songs. If I say to him “Wanna sing a ‘little” he starts honking and chirping. This is one of “Our” songs. I play my Dembe drum and sing this to him, inserting his name….” closer than my peeps you are to me Marrrrrwyyyyn.” lol

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That is amusing to imagine.
I enjoyed the song better though when Juice did it.

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