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Anyone had a bone graft placed during dental implant surgery?

Asked by Aster (19949points) June 3rd, 2015

Tell me about it. How long before it stopped hurting? How badly did it hurt? From what source, such as a cadaver, did you receive the bone? Did they take some from your chin or hip?
This is my Happy Monday experience coming up.

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I received pig cadaver bone and it did not hurt at all. It’s little chips. They cover it up with mesh and skin and voila – new bone grows quickly.

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Yes, procedure didn’t hurt at all, no residual pain after about 18 hours.

Totally uneventful.

They didn’t tell me where the bone was from.

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Wow! Thank you so much for these two answers! I will be, again, out on Propofol and Versed. He is prescribing me hydrocodone. Your replies sound like not only will I not need any painkillers, I’ll be jogging home!

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The prescribed pain killers – I didn’t need them. Two Advil and I was fine.

I was awake for the procedure, too.

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I had no painkillers either. Maybe some aspirin or something like that, but knowing myself, nothing.

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