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Did I see you in Park Slope on Wednesday?

Asked by jacksonRice (407points) July 17th, 2008

I saw a skinny guy, maybe in his late twenties, on 7th avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, on Wednesday afternoon—WEARING A FLUTHER TEE SHIRT! was it you?!?

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Shouldn’t this be in the missed connections section of Craigslist?

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Where on 7th ave? I know ezraglen has slope connections, but he’s a little younger.
I’m a little older and not so skinny, but I was on 7th ave Wednesday afternoon.
I do not, however, have a fluther tee. :(

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@shilolo, i didn’t want to overpromote fluther on such a public forum; maybe this secretive impulse is juvenile of me but so it goes.

@breedmitch, it was in the name streets, maybe lincoln or st johns place? even sterling? close to flatbush… it was not ezraglenn, despite his “slope connections” (are we referring to his ex?).

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This is a wee bit creepy. I’ll PM you.

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I hate you Caroline. No, it wasn’t me, she would’ve said something since we know eachother.

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of course, something this question brings up: might we know each other in real life? are the people who are famous on fluther the people i run into on the train? this is madness!

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This is creepy but I am intrigued! Why pm eachother,..? I wanna know :)

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me too!

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Did anybody ask if it was Eambos? Or maybe GD Kimble?

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do they live in park slope??

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eambos & GD—do they live in park slope?

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