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I need to burn looping dvd's in (kiosk-mode) I can't afford to buy Adobe Encore or the DVD studio pro Suite, does anyone know of an alternative for OSX?

Asked by btamayo (14points) July 16th, 2007

I merely need this for the looping dvd. Anything else at this point would be overkill to buy the Studio pro suite or be stuck with Premier when I won't use it. Can anyone suggest another option?

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Does iMovie do it? I don't have OSX so I don't really know,

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iDVD is in iLife and it will produce a looping dvd, but in a round about way. You have to make it in the initial play of the dvd and the initial play has a black (letter-box)like bars on the top and bottom that are there only on the initial play. What a pain?

Can anyone help?

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in iDVD there's a button next to the preview (play) that looks like a tree that takes you to a map of the media; place all your media in front of the menu icon then it will play sans menu when it is burned onto the DVD; it will jump directly to the first chapter of your media. Then just set your media player to repeat all and your set...

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Yeah in iDVD 08 click the + to add a movie. In DVD Map view – Drag your movie to it. Then drag it to be the initial play. Press the i (info) button in the bottom left and you can make the movie loop by ticking the Loop Movie option.

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