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What does it mean to dream about your crush?

Asked by pinkey (8points) June 5th, 2015

I dreamed about my crush.. In my dream, we were at his house, where he got close and kissed my cheek, and was helding my hands.

I have once met him in real life, and afterwards met him at a club where we spoke. He gave me some compliments.. From there we texeted a bit. However I haven’t texted with him in a couple of days and keep thinking “Will he ever text me again”..

Does this have something to do with my dream? and what does it mean?

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Yes, the experience has everything to do with the dream. It is as simple as this: You really like this person. His feelings are not being reciprocated as quickly as you desire. It is creating concern, doubtfulness, and basically anxiety. These feelings are infiltrating your dreams and are often distorted. It is nothing more than that.

Let’s say that you have a younger sister who loves “The Little Mermaid.” She watches it three times in a row before going to bed. If she were to wake up and tell you that she had had a dream about having red hair and being kissed on the cheek by some boy on a beach, how would you interpret it?

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It just means that they are on your mind.

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It means that you are thinking of them, nothing more than that.

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Yes he will text you. Just wait. If not, dream about another crush.

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What does it mean? It means you like him, you’ve communicated a couple of times via text, and you’d like to hear from him again. In other words, he’s on your mind.

And by the way, even if you didn’t like him or never saw or heard from him again, you might still dream about him. Your brain retains everything.

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We can’t tell you what it means. If that were my dream, and I were single, I’d ask the crush if he wants to go do something together.

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It means that you are asleep.

What is actually meaningful is what you think and do when you are awake. Why don’t you focus on that, instead of the ramblings of your sleeping mind?

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Dreams, in and of themselves, do not have any inherent meaning. We dream about stuff that happens in our real waking lives, and we dream about stuff that does not really exist. We place importance on the things and people and situations that are important to us. You have a crush on a person, that person is important to you, so you vividly remember those dreams, as opposed to the other dreams, or even parts of that same dream, where you were brushing your teeth, or walking down the street, or cleaning the cat litter box. Enjoy your dreams and sleep tight : )

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