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What 6 games would you enter into the Video Game Hall Of Fame?

Asked by filmfann (47819points) June 5th, 2015

Six games have just entered. Pong, Doom, Tetris, Pac-Man, World of Warcraft, and Super Mario Bros. Would you make the same selections, or how would you differ?

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I am going with the games that I liked the most, not which ones are the most iconic, or successful.
Half Life 2, Freespace 2, Witcher 3, Final Fantasy 7, Terranigma, Hitman: Blood Money

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I agree with what OP listed minus Wow. Instead of that Id put Everquest. It seems more historically significant.

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Hm, I guess all those games have been revolutionary in some way or another. I question Doom being there though. It sure wasn’t the first FPS, so maybe it’s in there for fear factor. But in that case I would most likely name an actual survival horror game like Resident Evil. Not the first horror game, but certainly the one franchise that set the genre on the map. Well it wasn’t all for being revolutionary, and I guess Doom enjoyed more success than Wolfenstein.

Who the hell am I to say what’s legit or not though, so like loli I’m just gonna turn this into a favorites answer.

Dragon Age Inquisition
Final Fantasy VI
Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Silent Hill 2
Shadow Hearts
Chrono Trigger

And like it once said in Electronic Gaming Monthly, I respect the hell out of the first Super Mario game, as long as I don’t have to play the damn thing.

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The last of us
Super mario bros
Tenchu stealth assasins

Crysis, minecraft and super meat boy for honorable mentions

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Silent Hill 2
LA Noire
Alice: Madness Returns
Rule of Rose
Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven
Mafia II

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GTA Vice City
Gran Turismo 4
Gears of War
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Jak & Daxter

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@Mimishu1995 I love Alice the Madness Returns. Did you ever get the extra dresses? Unfortunately I finished the game and got the plat for it by the time I got them, so I didn’t really experience their bonuses. But they looked cool.

Also nice, Rule of Rose. I finished it twice, I still don’t understand all of it. Damn fucked up game.

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@Symbeline I finished Alice and got all the extra dresses (I think). But I can’t get all the memories. Some are just so hard to find. And I still don’t know how the memories are connected to the story line.

As for Rule of Rose, there is a freaking website just to find out what the game is about. I’m not sure if the site is still being updated, but you’ll find a lot of explanation on the plot. And Rule of Rose is a beautiful game. It has something to teach me about non-linear plot creating.

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Super Mario Brothers
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
EVE Online

Elder Scrolls: Morrowind would be a close runner-up

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Kaboom, super Mario brothers, final fantasy one, chrono trigger, the legend of Zelda, Baulders Gate.

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Instead of Super Mario Bros., I might have used Donkey Kong.
Instead of Pac-Man, I would use Space Invaders.
I would like Zork to be in there, maybe removing WOW.
I liked Doom better than Castle Wolfenstein, but CW did pave the way.

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@Mimishu1995 I got every single one of those damn memories because there was a trophy required for it and boy let me tell you, the last ones were a pain in the posterior to find. I still remember it. GOD. I’m not saying this to brag, as I say I wanted the trophy. I would have otherwise given up a long time ago.
But from what I can tell, they’re just fragments of her passed life, from when she was small all the way to when she was being “treated” by that doctor. I also played the first Alice game that came before that one, since it was included with my copy but lol I forget if the memories even mention it. I’m pretty sure they didn’t save for the Queen of Hearts memories.

And yes I remember that website for RoR. I remember looking that up after finishing it because I was still confused as hell. Never really went through the trouble of reading anything much though, there’s too much lol. But like Silent Hill 2, got my own theories anyways. All this symbolism shit…and shit. You’re the crime expert, you figure it out lol.
But I agree that it’s a beautiful game. And one with a bold plot, both with what you can see right away, and what lies deeper. I appreciate the mature themes. (even though it was banned in some places) And the controls aren’t as bad as people say. Except getting a dinner fork as your first weapon was kinda like, uh…k then.

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@filmfann Gah! I always forget that it’s called Castle Wolfenstein and not just Wolfenstein. ’‘slaps self”

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It is actually “Wolfenstein 3D”.
“Castle Wolfenstein” is a bit older and looks like this

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@ragingloli Whoa! Wtf? That’s the first Wolfenstein game? Looks cool, I wanna try it haha. But right. Wolfenstein 3D. Damnit how the Devil am I even getting so confused about a game title so much lol.

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