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Should he have obeyed his girlfriend?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28883points) June 7th, 2015

A guy buys a lottery ticket even though his girlfriend told him not to buy any more.


He wins $1 million.

What are the lessons in this situation?

- don’t listen to your girlfriend/boyfriend. Do what you want.

- lotteries are fickle and he could just as easily wasted the $1?

The article says that the winner is going to take the girlfriend with him on a trip. Is he under obligation to do so?

What would you do?

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Obeyed? Or do you mean listened to his girlfriend?
No one should be in the situation of obeying anyone.

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You ALWAYS obey a woman, that is a law of nature. :)

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If I wanted to buy a lottery ticket, I’d buy one. I don’t obey anyone. However, I don’t have a gambling problem. It depends on why the girlfriend asked him not to buy the ticket. If he spends a fortune on such things, then I think it’s a fair request from his girlfriend. If she just doesn’t like them or she doesn’t have a good reason, I don’t think he should have taken her request on board.

The outcome is irrelevant.

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He is already hiding from her for spending ten bucks he probably earned. Maybe he should find a nice Scottish girl.

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Again there isn’t enough information provided to build a case for or against either of them. There are a myriad of reasons why the woman may have justification for her advice.

As the question stands, of course the answer is no, It’s equivalent to asking “should the man be deprived of a million bucks for disobeying his girlfriend!?”

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I’m sure the girlfriend told him that for a reason. Probably a good reason, like he had very little money but would spend what he had on lottery tickets. I was in a deli once and this guy put about $80 into a scratch off lottery ticket machine, and then sat there and scratched the tickets. Maybe he could have afforded it, who knows but the majority of “regular Joe” people do not benefit greatly from buying any kind of lottery tickets or playing the numbers.

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@jca – you don’t know that at all. You’re imputing your life experiences on somebody else. She could have been a royal bitch.

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@elbanditoroso: Yes, she could have been totally unreasonable and have said that for no reason at all.

To me, the question was looking at possible hypothetical reasons why she told him not to buy the lottery ticket. Maybe I was wrong in answering it that way or looking at it that way. I presented what could have been a scenario for the girlfriend to tell him not to buy a lottery ticket.

When someone tells me something that I feel is unreasonable, and I’m not in a position to ask them why they said that, I try to think of what could have been their logic. Therefore, when the girlfriend said that, I would try to hypothesize what did she mean? Was there logic?

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Clearly not, on all levels.
What would I do?
Smug as fuck.

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