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Why do some of my albums show up twice in iTunes?

Asked by yannick (985points) July 17th, 2008 from iPhone

Some of my albums show up twice in coverflow. One even shows up about 7 times in a row. All the id3 tags are correct, from whhat I saw. Anyone know why this could be happening?

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Select all the songs that you want in one album.
Check the box besides album and write the album title.
Set the disc number as 1 of 1 if this is correct
If you can set artist and album artist as the same for all, do it.
And lastly, set compilation to yes.

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done all of those things, except for compilation… Because it isn’t. Would that fix it do you think?

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I think this happens for some reason if you have the “Copy music into itunes folder” option turned on.

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Yes that would fix it yannick, why didn’t you try it?
Oh and sort songs after ‘Album by Year’. (Click ‘album’ a few times)

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