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No such thing as QUESTION OF THE DAY anymore, right?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) June 7th, 2015

Has this been done away with?

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The mods may have the answer.

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I haven’t seen a QotD since Auggie stepped down.

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Good fucking riddance, always went to their favourite arse lickers anyway.
Full deniability applies of course, as is the norm.

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I think that stopped a long time ago, even before I became a Mod, we didn’t have them then. So, shortly before Auggie stepped down I think.

It was one of those time-consuming tasks that we didn’t really have time for, or not enough mods to make it happen.

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Yeah, it was Auggie’s thing. But there’s nothing stopping any of us from bringing it back. All she did was share particular questions on FB. ,

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We also don’t have the Fluther interview thing anymore, either.

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Hmpf. It was under Auggie’s control, and as far as I know, the last one occurred under her reign. However, I take serious exception to @ucme‘s (evidently well-GA’d) claim that Auggie awarded Questions of the Day to her “favourite arse lickers”.

Does anyone actually remember Auggie? She was extremely fair-minded.

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Wrong, again! “Auggie’ frequently stated that the award was a joint decision between herself & the mods.
Conclusion…wind your neck in & get your facts right.

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@dappled_leaves Thank you!

@ucme Hmph. We really did try to pick the actual best question, or the one that generated the best discussion. No favor was given or denied on account of the asker.

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Does anyone actually remember Auggie? She was extremely fair-minded.
Errr….yeah, she actually stuck her head into this thread…...

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I popped in to answer a different question, saw this one and checked it out. Then I got all insulted and stuff. ~

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SMACK DOWN TIME! Again, and again…....and again…... At least we have gotten better at creating shanks, dull ones hurt to much going in and way more painful coming out, sharp ones are far better ~~

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Oh come on! This is how we greet each other after such a long time?

Auggie, @ucme probably had some problem the time he wrote that response (he did some… I don’t know how to explain it things around the same time), so let’s all cool down.

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Wow, amateur psychology is alive & kicking hahaha.
I am, was & will remain completely fine, a happy fucker.
At least @augustlan confirmed what I said with the “we” comment, right again.
A ton of former well respected members thought the same, not that it matters, but still.

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Of course you got insulted, Auggie. It’s Fluther.

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Insults on Fluther! Shut the front door! People here are civil, enlightened, and totally open-minded, some even carry cards from MENSA and someone that smart has to be super civil, not crass like the uneducated sweathogs. ~~~

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It’s okay, I can take it. <sniff>

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