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How do you find good quality blogs? What are your favorite blogs for fashion and gadgets... ?

Asked by venusfour (8points) July 17th, 2008
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My sister pointed me to thecoolhunter for gadgets but it also has design and architecture and travel and art, and they recently made a sister site for fashion called fashionation. Other than that I don’t really follow blogs so I don’t know how to find good quality ones sorry.

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The Weblogs Inc. network is a nice network of some fine blogs – content and design wise.

Some of my favorites are;

There are so many more, too many to list.

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I like the blogs on for fashion.

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@breefield has a fun blog.

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I have to second engadget for gadgets—clean design, good writing. For more of an unfocused technical blog, you may want to check out Ars Technica.

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Gizmodo is defininetly best.

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