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What is a good workout plan for a teen guy?

Asked by Souljacker (70points) June 8th, 2015

I’m a 17 year-old teen guy and I’ve been doing some research on trying to get “lean” or just generally getting fit. Currently I have a basic model based on a single plan, but I wanted some suggestions from people who know this stuff through personal experience or even better a coach of sorts.

Here’s my current workout.

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A mix of strength training and cardio is a good strategy. When you lift weights, you don’t burn as many calories during the activity as you would with cardio, but you continue to burn calories all day/night as your body repairs your muscles and strengthens them. Swimming is fantastic exercise too.

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The problem is I’m kind of short on time, I have a lot of school work here on out, so I was thinking of something on the lines of a home workout and maybe some running. Do you think that would work?

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What’s wrong with the one you’re using. It’s got everything you need.
It i

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What is your body type and what are your goals?
I think you’ll find best results by going to a gym. I can be in and out in 40 minutes and get a good work out in.
Remember to stretch before and after you exercise.

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That workout will target your chest, shoulders, triceps and core. It doesn’t do much for your back or your legs.

I recommend a few modifications.

1) eliminate the leg raises – they tend to overwork the hip flexors

2) add the squat and press – this will target your legs, biceps and shoulders (start with some relatively light dumbells – if you don’t have dumbells, use something else)

3) on the side planks, you should start by doing them on your elbow like this:

4) add in the superman exercise – it will target your back and rear deltoids. you don’t need to go as high as the guy in the video. just a few inches off of the ground. also, keep your chin tucked and focus your gaze at the ground to keep your spine in a neutral position.

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Also, if you have a blender, try to get in the habit of eating a post-workout smoothie like so…

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The best post work out drink is good old fashioned low fat chocolate milk.

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@dxs Kind of a late response, but I’m a bit fat around the belly, I got thin arms, in progress of building my biceps, thanks to this workout. All around I’m a bit clunky but my arms, neck are thin. Should I continue the workout I already have to become leaner or should I change something? P.S. I added the additions as suggested by @Lawn.

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Ok guys I just iterated my workout. What do you think?

- Jumping Jack 30
– Pushups 25
– Situps 25
– Plank 60s
– Squat 25
– Burpee 30


- Squat Press 20
– Side plank 30s each side
– Pushups 25
– Situps 35
– Jumping Jack 30
– Plank 60s
– Squat press 20
– Burpee 30


- Superman 5

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Remember to keep good form. Don’t just try to get through the exercise as fast as possible. Pay attention to the movements you’re making, take time, and try to focus on the muscles you are working out.

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