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Have you ever been robbed while working?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) June 8th, 2015

Did you tell anyone? What weapon did they use?

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Yes, twice while working at the same hotel in downtown Washington DC. Both crimes were reported to the police, as well as management. Neither were life-threatening.

One was in the parking garage below the hotel. Two guys were systematically going through cars, of which most were unlocked. For mine, which was locked, they used a hole-punch tool to gain access. When they spotted me, they asked if I needed assistance. They were told ‘no’, and I hightailed it back to the lobby. They were long gone by the time the police arrived.

The other was on Thanksgiving. I volunteered to deliver a turkey meal with all of the trimmings to the skeleton crew at a sister property a few blocks away. The car was left in the porte cochere with my handbag on the front seat. The door wasn’t locked, and when I got back 10 minutes later, it was gone. The humility over a stupid move was just as bad as the hassle of dealing with the missing items.

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Μy parents had been held up a number of times in their shop. There was even a sot fired once but luckily neither was hurt. A gun was used in all 3 or 4 cases. They did not make a big scene out of it to avoid further trouble.

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I realize this is probably a mistype @ZEPHYRA but all kinds of odd scenarios present themselves when I know there was a “sot fired”. Did your folks own a liquor store?

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@rojo, Kudos to you.

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I had a gun to my head for what to me was an eternity. The guy never asked for cash from the til. He just wanted to scare me. He was a pimp and wanted to impress his hooker.

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My first ever female boss, she was mighty perdy, I was young dumb & full of cum.
She stole my heart…badum-tiss.

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Yeah by the government with their outrageous deductions from my paycheck.

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Nope, that seems to be more in fashion in the US than in most other parts of the world.

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I’ve been burglarized but never robbed.

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@rojo yes, sorry it was a mistype. No, not a liquor store, a convenience store.

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@elbanditoroso why are you kudoing @rojo ? For pointing out a careless error? ;)

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A sot is someone who is drunk often. @rojo made a joke. :-)

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a poor one evidently

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At work, no. I taught Elementary School; not exactly a hotbed of criminal activity :)

But I did get accosted in the hallway directly outside my apt. in Philly.

He was coming down the stairs and acted like he was a fellow tenant who had just moved into the building in order to start up a brief conversation. He started asking about finding a groomed for his cat.

When he declared his intention, I just handed him the available money in my fanny pack and began yelling for someone to call the police and he promptly beat a hasty retreat out the front door.

Fortunately, I had just returned from grocery shopping and had less than $10 on me so I got off cheap.

I did call the police and complained to the management company for the building. The reason this guy was able to access the bldng was because one of the third floor idiots left one of the exit doors propped wide open (presumably to catch a breeze in the hot weather) so all he had to do was walk up the fire escape stairway to have complete access to the bldng.

Fortunately he didn’t have a weapon and I had so little cash on me that it wasn’t worth resisting over.

But, I’m aware that if there were a weapon involved or I had significantly more money on me, it could easily have been a far more serious or damaging scenario. I was fortunate that day.

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