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Anyone have bettas living with other fish?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) July 17th, 2008

I have a bette fish his name is Mr.Bette. Any who, I feel like he might be lonely he has been showing stress related problems. Do any of you have fish with bettas? I know they can not be with other bettas but have been known to be with other fish.

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edit : Sorry for the misspell in my first sentence in details. That should be Betta* not Bette.

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Betta fish can do fine with pretty much any freshwater community fish. Mollies guppies ,platies corydoras and loachs all good choices tank mates.Shrimp are also good tank mates because you dont have to feed them, and they clean the tank. Pretty much anything as long as it isnt aggressive.

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I have a male and a female in vases with plants right next to each other – they seem to enjoy being by each other. But in the same vase he picked on her all the time.

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Bettas can be kept in community tanks with non-aggressive fish. They do not fare well against more aggressive fish – those elaborate fins get chewed up. If you have a large enough tank with plenty of cover, you can try to keep females in the same tank, but It’s a risk. After breeding, male bettas often kill the females (probably in his role as protector of the eggs and fry).

As an added note: bettas do not do well in tanks with lots of current (i.e. powerheads). They are not strong swimmers under those conditions.

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Ever since I saw one of my goldfish eat the other one when I was five, I’m a bit afraid of fish!

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@dragonfllyfaith- Perhaps you should have been feeding your gold fish, and he wouldn’t have eaten his tank mate…? =]

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@Trance D’oh! Why didn’t I think of that! I don’t know how I survived before fluther. ;-)

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In all my experiences they usually try to eat all other fish :/ Maybe if you put the tanks next to each other they wouldn’t be so lonely. lol

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